quail eggs

Benefits of eating quail eggs include improve metabolism, promote bone strength, help to speed up recovery, beneficial to the respiratory system, help in maintaining regular sugar levels in the blood, help relieve depression, detox our bodies, boost concentration, have anti-aging properties, perfect for a protein-based diet, improve skin health, treat acne, make your nails shine, reduce hair loss and help control dandruff.

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pickled quail eggs

Pickled quail eggs aren’t just a cute novelty, they’re delicious! After a long vacation road trip across the country.
We’ve considered raising them ourselves, since they’re pretty easy to tend, and you can even raise them indoors in rabbit hutches without too much trouble.
Quail eggs are different. If you try to crack a raw quail egg into a bowl you’ll quickly learn that while the shell breaks easily, the membrane underneath does not.

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First, bring your quails’ eggs to room temperature before cooking. Then:
To cook soft boiled quails’ eggs with still runny yolks:
Fill a small saucepan to about 3cm (just over an inch) depth with water and bring it to a boil.
Carefully lower the eggs into the boiling water and cover the pan.
Simmer for a minute.
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how to cook quail eggs

Remove from heat and leave to stand for a minute.
Drain in cold water until they are cool enough to carefully shell… and serve.
Recipe for how to cook quail eggs
Advises cooking the eggs in their shell for 2 minutes 20 seconds (!) in lightly simmering water. Drain, and replace the hot water with cold. Cool under running water, and then shell carefully. 


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